Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 2 of workouts, and man do I feel it!

I was talking to RO at some point between yesterday and today, and I felt sort of smug that my legs weren't sore.
Well, lets say that they sought to prove me wrong when I got on the treadmill today! Man, did I feel that burn, more than Wednesday, and I hope this means that those muscles are waking up!
So, here's today's workout:
1 ab circuit 2 reps
5 regular push ups
20 girl push ups
20 crunches
4 minutes at 2MPH
10 minutes at 3 MPH
So, I cut down my overall total time on the treadmill today because:
1. I had to make a 2 minute break last time to make the whole overall 20 minutes
2. My legs just were on fire once I got started and didn't want to push my luck!

So, I made a few observations after workouts today...
My pecs felt the burn today more than arms like on Wednesday with push ups.
My abs def felt it with the ab circuit and crunches today. (this must mean those muscles are awake right? lol)
I sleep so much better on the night of a workout, maybe it's because I'm getting everything tuckered out and expending a lot of energy!
And like I also pointed out, my legs certainly made a liar out of me once I got going on the treadmill.
One other thing, I noticed a huge difference today from Wednesday.
I actually got to eat before this treadmill round, and I don't feel nearly like I did on Wednesday. This means I don't feel nearly as close to death as I did then lol.
I scrounged up a few more line dancing songs in case I want that option, and not sure what I'll do with 2 off days in a row!
I may find some kind of excersise to do on my off days, but I'm not pushing it. Every person's body needs down time, even if I don't want it.
See you all on Monday!

Amanda Ellen


  1. Wooooooooo! I'm your woo girl hehe! Yeah, you sleep a ton better when you exercise on a daily basis. I am just so proud of you, and you are helping to keep me motivated as well. Awesome!!!

  2. That's fantastic. Yes, definitely. When you feel the burn, it just means you're actually making progress. Of course, don't increase the effort by too much, but primarily only when the burn lessens after a workout so no damage occurs. Obviously, a good idea is always to gradually increase your work, like the time you spend on working out or cutting down on time and doing the reps in quicker succession. I could honestly go on, both about what I've personally learned about muscles and how to build them, and what not to do, but I'm not an expert. I can only speak from my own trial and error. At any rate, good luck, and keep it up. :)

  3. Thanks guys! Nic Wednesdays are increase days, and right now all that I will increase is my ab workouts. Increasing the treadmill I think, is a little farther in the future. But Yes, RO, I feel great not only exerting all this energy, but I feel great for feeling responsible to keep you motivated as well :) Thanks for all you do!


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