Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 5 of workouts and time to change it up! :)

So, today is Friday, and day 5 of my workouts.
In honor of that I decided to change things up just a little :)
I followed the example of my friend/workout buddy/ accountability partner (lol) (Poking fun at my favorite baseball player and certain people know who that is and what that was in reference too)and made myself a cardio playlist.
As of now, the playlist includes:
Cotton Eyed Joe (Asleep at the Wheel)
Boot Scootin' Boogie (Brooks and Dunn)
Cha Cha Slide (DJ Casper)
Legs Dance Remix (ZZ Top)

All of those songs have a dance associated with them, Cotton Eyed Joe has the Cotton Eyed Joe dance, Boot Scoottin' Boogie has the boot scoot dance, Cha Cha Slide has the Cha Cha Slide, but Legs does not have a dance that I am aware of.
So, since there is no known dance for Legs, I decided to do the electric slide.
It's been a while since I did it, and it took a minute to remember how, but I got it!
Dance cardio makes it so easy to do 25 minutes of cardio, that it is unreal!
So, from now on, Fridays will be known as Dance Cardio days! Its so fun, and Leah loved running around me as I danced in my living room! lol

So, here is the total list of what I did today:
1 ab circuit 4 reps
25 crunches
25 girl push ups
7 regular push ups
25 minutes of dance cardio

Sad to say, that the 4 reps for the ab circuit are already losing their burn.
But the good news is, that I'm noticing a little more core strength, or more than I had when I started!
This is a good thing, and I love the feeling to know I'm getting stronger! YAY!
Push ups were still the arm killers that they always are, but hey, its a good thang :)
Also, once I finished everything I stretched for about 10-12 minutes, and god does it feel good!
I always stretch before cardio, but its a light stretching, just to try and wake up the muscles and let them know what they are in for :)
The stretching I do after cardio is a more deep stretching and it makes my muscle sing with enjoyment when cardio is over!

I thank all of you guys that are helping me with support through this, it really is amazing!
I couldn't stay on track without you!
Thank you all so much!
Amanda Ellen


  1. I just had a smile steadily spreading on my face as I read this! You have been such a joy to workout with, I gotta tell ya. I was just bragging to my massage guy abot you last night. Way to go!!!! I almost talked myself out of working out today but you and Adam threw a wrench in that plan. ;)

  2. HAHA, glad I can make you smile :) I'm loving this, it makes me feel much better when I am done! I forgot to say that I started the vitamin D supplement yesterday. And you were my insspiration for the dance cardio :) You catch that Hamilton joke? lol And glad I could throw a wrench in your procrastination hahahaha

  3. HAHA, you make me blush when you tell me that you are bragging to other people about me hahaha, and you are an awesome workout buddy, if I didn't already know of your results, I might have never started or given up by now :) You are an awesome source of support!

  4. Haha yeah I caught the Hamilton joke and just forgot to mention it. I'm feeling better than ever, even better than I did when I went to the gym. I can't quite figure out why, maybe because I really have time to stretch and stuff afterwards and I don't have to get on paratransit to come home. Definitely feeling great and so happy to be back into this full speed. It's awesome having you as a partner, that's for sure!

  5. I couldn't help it! You are just so teachable and you listen to me so I get to give back what I've learned which is awesome. He's a fitness nut too, so we talk a lot of fitness when I go see him.

  6. Because long ago, I didn't listen when people taught me stuff, and I strained a hammy pretty bad... so now if I want to learn something I do my best to follow instructions as closely as I can to avoid injury, because injury is no fun!

  7. So far the only thing I've injured is my low left back, and it was from not stretching the hammies enough. I was able to work out but I had to change it up and the pain sucked. Now I go to great lengths to keep everything nice and stretched and not overdone.

  8. Yeah, that long ago injury makes me follow instructions closely because I don't want this cast thing I had to wear around my thigh ever again! lol It was a huge brace full of ice packs, and it made walking rather difficult lol


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