Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 7 of work outs and Hooray for being back to somewhat normal!

So today, I'm actually back to somewhat normal. But I didn't increase much of my workout because of the problems I've been having.
I did increase my ab circuit because 4 reps weren't do anything for me anymore.
So, here is what I did:
ab circuit 6 reps
25 girl push ups
7 regular push ups
25 crunches
4 minutes at 2 MPH
11 minutes at 3 MPH
No all around increases this week since I've had problems this week.
I did increase the ab circuit because 4 reps weren't cutting it any more. Glad to say at 6 reps, the burn is back and it feels great!
Thinking part of my problem might be lack of electrolytes, so I bought myself some gatorade, and I drank it before and after treadmill time, lets hope this resolves the recent problems I've been having.
My body acting 9 kinds of weird is unsettling, but its not going to stop me from working out.
I also started eating 1 banana a day just to keep my potassium up, because those cramps are awful, and are preventable.
I'm feeling really good after my treadmill today, and I think it might be partly because of the gatorade. Thinking it was the low electrolytes that had me all screwed up.
My workout partner is a bit under the weather, and I hope that I worked out enough for her and I both today.
I also hope she gets to feeling better soon :)

So, maybe next week I'll increase the whole workout, but just playing it safe for now.
I also will not be doing yoga this week because I'm not sure I can handle soreness like that again so soon from the last lol.

Thanks for reading and supporting me in my journey!

Amanda Ellen

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