Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Day of Workouts!

So, today was the first day of workouts.
This made me realize that I was really in no shape but round! HAHA!
So, here's what I did!
1 ab circuit at reps of 2
20 crunches
10 sit ups
20 girl push ups
5 regular push ups
1 round of the "cha cha Slide"
16 minutes on the treadmill at 3 MPH
4 minutes on the treadmill at 1 or 2 MPH
plus normal stretches!
I think my body is in a bit of shock, but I can already tell you that I feel better!

Thanks RO for helping me out!
This is awesome!

Can't wait till Wednesday, think I'll up my Ab Circuit reps to 3 and see how that goes!

Amanda Ellen

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The all new format for this blog, I think :)

Hey guys!!

I'm back, I didn't totally forget about my blog.
But, I'm changing the way I'm going to be doing things around here a bit. I think from now on, this blog will have a lot more excersise and weight loss content, than my regular life updates.
I have recently decided to make a life change that makes me believe its time to lose a few pounds. Who knows, maybe I'll start to feel better and need less shunt revisions.
This could even earn some people that I have daily involvement's approval. I won't name names, because I'm sure they would prefer to remain nameless.
I do know that those who care about me agree with me, on the its time to drop a few pounds.

I have to thank RO for helping me with this.
Her wonderful insight into the excersise world and a few dieting tips will be extremely helpful.

So, here is where hopefully starts a new chapter in life.
A chapter that doesn't come with so many pounds :)
Wish me luck!!

Amanda Ellen