Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 6 of workouts and the fight I lost

1 ab circuit 4 reps
15 crunches
20 girl push ups
4 minutes at 2 MPH on the treadmill
9 minutes at 3 MPH on the treadmill
Work out is abbreviated due to yesterday's fight.
Yoga vs. Me
I'll tell you I don't think I won that fight lol
Everything from hammys up are sore.
Couldn't do regular push ups because when I tried, my body just flat out said no.
Didn't want to run the risk of injury so I did a lighter workout today due to the soreness.
I did yoga yesterday because I was too lazy to do it Saturday, and it taught me a lesson, lazy people pay for that laziness some how and at some time, and I'm paying for it in major soreness, and I'm paying for it today. lol
I can say that I'm amazed at the core strength increase I see everytime I workout, I can't wait for the day that my core is finally reached a good strong plateau!
I think that instead of doing yoga on Sundays I will be moving it to Saturdays, at least until I can reach a pplace in my fitness plan that yoga doesn't kick my ass!
I started taking Vitamin D supplements, and they seem to help a lot with weekend fatigue I seem to be prone to.
As the day progresses, the soreness becomes more pronounced, and damn does it hurt! I really would like to be able to find somewhere and just lay still...
Been laying on the floor when I can just because hard, flat surfaces seem to feel the best.
I thought for a few minutes that I would be able to make my normal treadmill time, but about 8 minutes in I went from fine to total leg cramp up.
This is very unpleasant, so I finished at 9 minutes, and went to immediate stretching.
I think I'm going to make myself a nice place to lay on my living room floor for my Monday night television watching, and only hope that the stretching I've done through the day helps the soreness ebb away a bit by tomorrow!

The yoga abused and sore,
Amanda Ellen


  1. I really like your attitude, understanding that it's ok to rest your body, but not giving up because you're sore. This reminds me if the time I tried to play Goalball and couldn't move for a week hahaha!

  2. Well, I'm not going to over do it and risk actual injury, but a little soreness isn't going to keep me away from working out :) My only complaint is that I didn't feel as accomplished not doing the full thing lol


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