Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Texas Rangers set new World record!

So, last night the Texas Rangers handed out sunglasses at the gates to fans for the purpose of setting a new Guinness World record. What record what that might be you ask? The most amount of people in one place wearing sunglasses after dark. Crazy right? I thought so, but hey its different! Hahahaha We aren't as creative as the Rays with their dress coded road trips, so we had to do something! Most of the 33,533 people there were wearing their red or blue sunglasses. Since they only needed 424 to beat the record, Guinness only counted 2 sections. The shades were donated by Reliant energy, nice of them :) What I find amusing is former President George W Bush and Club President Nolan Ryan were spotted sporting their shades when the scoreboard and Announcer said the project was starting at the end of the 6th inning. Here is a link with a story about on MlB Also, today is the everyday second baseman's 29th birthday Ian Kinsler! I hope we get a win for him tonight! Back to the world record, we set this record during the Silver Boot series. Not sure how many of you know about this that aren't Rangers fans, but its the interleauge series between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. They have been doing this since 2001, and the Rangers have won it the last 4 years in a row. I think its pretty much in the bag this year since we've won the first 2 games in the series, but this is my first year getting to see it, so I'm not familar with the rules. Either way, I am willing to bet you, the Rangers walk with another Silver Boot this year. I love when Texas teams play against each othr, especially when its against Houston. I hate any team that comes out Houston, always have and always will. No real reason other than I just hate Houston lol. Last year when the Cowboys played the Texans, I was on the edge of my seat and still say it could've ranked in my top 5 games last yeasar. Granted, I don't think the Cowboys won, but I just love interstate games!
Well, this was just a posting to help remove the writers block I've had on the Vegas postings, so enjoy :)

Amanda Ellen

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Day 1

Ok, so after some thought and a not so much suggestion from RO, I have decided to break this up into days. This makes it much more bearable and easier to read. So instead of 1 huge monster you are getting 5 smaller monsters. So ladies and gents, I give you day 1:

VIVA Las Vegas

So yeah, I am going to do my best to tell you all about my trip to Las Vegas, Sin City, or one of the dryest places I have ever been! HAHAHAHA
It really wasn't too bad, the weather I mean. I was totally not expecting my allergies to hate it because I mean what is there to be allergic to? Well, I probably should've brought the benadryl, because Taylor and my allergies weren't completely wacky but it would've helped. Also I should've brought Leah's benadryl because the desert is not kind to her allergies or to her skin.
She tried really hard to not chew herself but I guess she just couldn't help it. Poor pup she wasn't completely miserable, but she could've been more comfortable. So, enough about the medical stuff on to documenting my trip!

The plane ride out there started out ok, but once we tried landing our pilot was an idiot or something because when he was trying to descend we ended up doing like a nose dive thing, and it had most of the plane thinking we were going to die.
People screaming and holding each other, and all I could think was I didn't get but like 5 minutes with Taylor before he left and I'm not going to make it to Vegas to be reunited, this is bullshit!
So yeah, the pilot straightened us out and started talking over the intercom saying"In case you haven't noticed, we are making our descent into Las Vegas." Just as calm as a cucumber..pissed me off! But I do have to say he could take up being a tour guide if he wanted, he kept telling us to look out our windows to see some cool stuff.
The main two things that come to mind were the mountains and the Arizona wild fires, obviously both were clearly visible from 30,000 feet in the air. That made me wish I could see! But once I got off the plane the staff at the Las Vegas airport were more than helpful and made me feel very good about getting my luggage and getting to my hotel.

I only wish that checking in at the airport would've been possible, but couldn't since I didn't have the card for the room to be charged to.
The ladies that helped me off the plane, found my luggage with no problem, carried it around for me, and even made sure I got on the shuttle to the airport safely! The shuttle driver was a bit nervous about having a blind person on board, and I had to help him tell me which MGM we were at and figure out if I was getting off at the right one! I never thought to look to see if there was more than one MGM Grand in Vegas, so I started to freak a bit!
So, that covers the getting there part. :)

So, I got there and called Taylor to see if he had arrived, and he said they were there so awesome right? Not so much, I went inside with the help of some other people staying at the hotel and got to the desk to try and check in just to find out Taylor had not checked in yet!
So, its like after 3 in the desert which makes it after 5 in Texas and I'm going on like over 8 hours without nicotine, and in desperate need. I ask the lady at the desk if someone can help me outside to wait for Taylor. They then let me check my luggage at the "Bell Desk," so I don't have to lug it outside with me. How awesome is that?
I know I'm from a small town in Texas and this all just seems way too awesome to me! So, anyways, I'm sitting outside enjoying my nicotine break, waiting on Taylor thinking this must be the main entrance, when this huge group of women from all over the world stop and ask if they can take Leah's and my picture. I had to ask why they would want a picture of me and my dog, their answer, "We've never seen a dog that wears shoes, and she is just too beautiful." I laughed a bit and said sure. I then asked them where they were from, I can't remember all the countries but here is some of them,: Wales, somewhere in Austrailia, Sweden, Hong Kong(not sure I speled that right), and I think that Canada and maybe China were in there. I asked how these group of women from all over the globe could be getting together like this, but they didn't hear me or were just too in love with my dog and didn't answer me. So folks, Leah and I are world wide celebrities, we will be on facebook pages around the world. HAHAHA
Once the gaggle of ladies left us I finished my business outside and thought about starting the trek back inside. This was a feat for me because this place is huge! So, I decided before I went back inside I would call Taylor and make sure I could get into the room, and he has checked in and is wondering where I am.

I tell him, I'm outside didn't you see me when you came in? He said no they came in through the parking garage. Duh!
Taylor and his friend that got married, known as Matt from now on, drove to Las Vegas as a sort of man trip thing and Matt doesn't much care for flying. So, of course they had to park the car somewhere right? So, I made it back inside, got to the desk and was finally able to check in. Sweet relief, I would finally be able to get somewhere and get comfortable! The lady gives me my room key, a card that she tells me has the claim number for my luggage, and tells me this guy will help me to my room. I was a bit confused as to why I couldn't have my luggage now and lug it upstairs with me. Turns out the bell hop brings it to your room so you don't have to worry about it! This is just getting more and more awesome!
Dude that helped me to my room was super nice, and a Mav's fan at that! I mean a Dallas Maverick's fan for all you non-basketball folks :) So, we are talking about the game the next night, and how awesome it would be for the Mav's to beat the Heat and put King James in his rightful place! When we run into the bride in the hallway. I was surprised to see her there! We will call her Sera from here on out. So, she takes me to my room, and Taylor is there and I'm just so exhausted I flop down on the bed!
Of course first things first was having her read this card and get my luggage to the room, and like 5 minutes later a guy shows up with my luggage, brings it into my room and puts it on a luggage rack for me!

So, all settled in, I remember a highschool friend of mine texted me while I was on the shuttle, she wanted to see me since I was in her neck of the woods. Her husband is in the Air Force, and they are stationed there for now. We will call her "M" and her husband "T" and her children the kids K? So, I text her tell her I'm in my room and she can come see me if she wants because I'm not venturing out of this room without sighted assistance lol. I'm not all that adventurous! So, she comes over a little while later after getting lost in the parking garage and figuring out the elevator system. Because obviously, they make shit difficult and have elevators that go to certain floors, yeah its confusing.
Its just her and the kids because T is at work, so we sit around for a minute while I hug all the kids, I've seen the oldest 2 when they were babies, but her youngest I had never met and she was just soooo cute! After everyone gets settled down from all the hellos and how have you beens, I ask her if she knows about a grocery store close by because I wanted to get some drinks and snacks for our room, and she knows of one and says she will take me.
Score! Not figuring out the cab system just yet is really awesome! So, we drive for what seems like forever because once again we get lost in the parking garage, we finally get to the grocery store. Getting all the kids out and into a functioning buggy was fun!
Then she tells me there is a guy outside the store selling tamales, it sounded good to me and was all for buying some before my more rational side of my brain kicked in and said "How do you know those aren't going to make you violently ill and spend the rest of your time hugging a toilet?" Once I had my short internal debate, I decided against them. We got into the store, bought a bunch of junk food and some breakfast food, and myself a bottle of wine. I wasn't really wanting to pay like 12-15 dollars a drink.
Once food is bought and put in the car, we head out back to the hotel, but on the way we stop for some food to eat now. We of course grab some fast food and the choice is Wendy's! Just in case you haven't had Wendy's in a while, its not something I'll be missing. They recently changed their fries and they taste horrible!
So, it won't be anything I'm asking for anytime soon.

But I did get to play super blindy getting to the room, because you see I gave Leah the night off and let her stay with Taylor while I went out so I was doing the sighted guide thing betweenM and the kids. Well on the way in the 2 oldest kids were carrying bags and a small thing of water M had the food and the youngest and I had 2 12 packs of cokes! So,once in the lobby I did the whole talk really loud so I can hear and follow you. I did pretty damn good till I totally almost knocked this woman over with a thing of cokes because I got a bit disoriented! Whoops :) I think she thought I was drunk hahahaha!

We all eat, and by now its getting around 9 or so..we say we will try and get together again the next day to hang and she agrees that its the kids bed time. But in this time her kids are loving all over Leah, and of course she is loving it. A good hint to that is the thumpa thumpa her tail is doing. So, of course she asks if she can have pictures of this and I agree, its just too cute! Once pictures are taken I give all the kids hugs and M a hug. She tells Taylor bye and the kids all hug him bye. I ask her to help me down stairs to find the concierge desk to get Leah somewhere to potty. This is the first time they have had a dog stay at their hotel and it takes a minute for someone to figure out what is supposed to be done, but we get a security officer and he helps us find some grass! Can you believe it? Grass in the desert! I think I was more excited than Leah was! Once Leah has finished with her business the security officer takes me back to the elevator.
He asks if I want him to walk me to my room but I decline because I think I can find it, boy was I wrong. Glad Taylor was still in the room! He also gave me the security extension number to call when I need to take Leah out again! Very cool! Once everyone is gone I promptly change into some PJs! We sit around for a while before just decide nothing else is going to happen and try for some sleep! What an end to my first day in Vegas!

So, thats it day exhausts me just reading it again! Also knowing this doesn't come close to the real thing makes me go how in the world did I do all that? But good laughs were had by all that night and I would do it all over again!
Stay tuned for Thursday's adventure, it has the Bachelorette party in it :)

Thanks for reading,
Amanda Ellen and Leah "International Celebrities"