Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 11 of workouts and just some random musings

So, its day 11, and here's whatI did today followed by my musings.Set 1:
1 ab circuit 6 reps
20 girl push ups
1 set of lunges 10 reps
6 regular push ups
25 crunches

Set 2:
1 ab circuit 6 reps
20 girl push ups
1 set of lunges 10 reps
6 regular push ups
25 crunches

4 minutes at 2 MPH
11 minutes at 3 MPH

Feel the burn!!
Yes, today was an ass kicker!
I needed it after yesterday, and it feels great!
My abs feel abused, but thats alright by me :)
Its nice to know that this current regimine still makes me out of breath and makes me sweat like no one's business!
This means somethings burning :)
I got me some new Lady GaGa for the treadmill and even made a playlist with specific songs just for treadmill time!
You know the treadmill may not feel so killer if I learned to just jog on it and not feel the urge to dance lol.
I blame it on Lady GaGa, which whos new CD I'm not impressed with.
Gramted I didn't get to hear it all but a lot of it I only listened for 1 minute and skipped to the next... very weird and not the up tempo beat I was looking for.
I'm also on the hunt for anexcersise bike. Thought I found 1 on Amazon that sounded perfect, and it was decently priced, but once eye balls looked att, the verdict was cheap, looks non sturdy and unsafe.
This made me sad, the rest I seen are all upwards of $300 and up, plus they don't fold up like that 1 did. Oh well, probably wouldn't want to pay shipping on that sucker anyways, it weighed 50 lbs lol.
Oh, and note to self, try to find a way to avoid BHH's questions about how the workouts going, her reactions will only piss you off.
But on the other hand, was pissed when I got on the treadmill, and it felt really good to be in my own world.. hmm...
Anyways, I guess thats it for now...Catch you all on Monday maybe, I think I'll take another stab at this whole yoga thing on Sunday :)
TaTa for now,
Amanda Ellen

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