Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 4 of workouts and 1st increase day!

I had to do workouts around everyday life today, but I was proudd of myself for making it fit in my schedule!

I've def noticed that this week isn't as hard as the 1st (last week).
Here's what I did today:
1 ab circuit 4 reps
25 girl push ups
25 crunches
12 regular push ups
11 minutes on the tread mill at 3mph
4 minutes at 2 mph

Holy crap! It feels like I started all over again today. Increasing feels great!
All my normal burns are back!!
Noticed that I had a bit of difficulty doing the extra 2 regular pushups, but my arms feel very good with the burn still tingling!!
Doing the extra 5 girl push ups was interesting, didn't find it all that difficult, but did notice an increased burn when I did them!
I also noticed when I finished the treadmill that I didn't feel near as exhausted when I was done!
I love this, I'm building endurance!
Also, noticed that I have a extremely increased appetite, eating more meals and snacks than my normal 1 a day now!
It def feels weird to be this hungry so often lol
I love this feeling! I really feel great!
I have to thank RO for all this, I finally have a healthy addiction, and I love it!

All I can say, is give me more! lol

Thanks for your support,
Amanda Ellen


  1. Wooooooo!!!! I'm you're official "woo girl"!

  2. You've always been my official Woooo! Girl :) But thanks :) Easy when you get some new motivators ;)


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