Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whew What a day!

Ok, so I had to start reading all this management crap for two of my classes I am taking online. Man oh Man! I have no desire to be a manager after just one I still have my supervision book to start and Moby Dick to start as well..and my brain is just too fried to even try right now. To add to it all, yesterday I was officially eligible for an upgrade on my AT&T pphone and not sure what route I want to go with this. My options as of right now are:
Upgrading my Mobile Speaks and getting either:
A HTC Pure or
a HP IPaq Glisten
I can get an IPhone and not upgrade my Mobile Speaks.
The Pure and upgrading my mobile speaks seems the cheapest way to go, but I have no clue what the new Mobile Speak is like. So to solve that issue my boyfriend is downloading the trial on his old HTC Fuze (Touch Pro on other carriers) to see if I can figure it out. He is kind of pressuring me into figuring out what I want to upgrade to, and I just have no frickin clue! The best way to go or so I tell him is to keep what I got..outdated as it is..its free right now. No matter what I upgrade to I am going to have to pay an extra $ 30 a month for data because I have to have a smart phone to run mobile speaks and the IPhone requires data anyways and its just no fun with out it. I am just lost and not sure which way I want to go. Either way I need to save some money if I am going the IPhone route because I can't afford it right now. I can afford the Pure and Mobile Speaks at one time, and I would have to buy one, one month and one the next month if I went with the HP IPaq Glisten. This is the curses of living with a tech geek. I know too much about whats out there and I actually care! I used to be fine with my old outdated stuff and now I want the newest and coolest thing on the block! Thats hard to live with when you don't have the money to get them! Back to my classes I have to find a corporate scandal thats pretty recent and talk about how if the management was different then maybe things wouldn't have been the way they are. I have to make that two pages! This is going to eat my lunch. Then for another class I have to interview two managers and write a two page paper on that. Then I forget what the project is for the third class...and those three projects are due on the same day!! Not to mention I have to read, read, and read some more because I have exams to do for those three classes that are all due on the same day as well!! I think I am just going to curl up and cry. But the bright side of all this is by the time this semester is over I will have my certificate in Business Management. Not sure what you do with that...but I will have it. Does that make me sound like the professional college student I am?
Oh, Joy! Sounds like Taylor has Mobile Speaks installed! So here I go to try and figure it out Wish me luck!

Amanda Ellen and Leah who doesn't care about phones or classes!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I guess sort of an introduction?

Well, Hello World!
I am Amanda, a 22 year old college student living somewhere close to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. I live with my guide dog Leah and my boyfriend Taylor. I have been dating Taylor for 3 years this April 23! Some days I swear it feels more like 30. lol. So, Leah is a 3 year old yellow lab and is always full of energy, but can go to sleep at the drop of a hat. I wish I could sleep as sound as she does. It must be nice. I have the ultimate goal of becoming a tax accountant one day, but it seems like it is taking forever. I have to go all the way to a masters to be able to sit for the CPA exam and thats if I pass it the first around. Wow! Taylor is 22 years old as well. He is also blind, but he also is diabetic. His diabetes had nothing to do with his blindness though. So, since there isn't really a whole lot of public transportation in this town, Taylor's mom helps do most of what we need done as far as going places. So, thats really nice. I have friends that help too. So its really nice to have some support when its needed. I guess thats really it. If I think of something else I will come back and add it in. Hope you enjoy!

Amanda Ellen