Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 13 of workouts and a minor injury

Yay! It was increase day!
I only increased the treadmill time since I'm happy with where everything else is right now.
So, now treadmill is up to 13 minutes at 3 MPH!
I'll be extremely happy when I can reach an over all time of 20 minutes. This includes warm up and cool down periods.
So, I guess here's what I did today!
Set 1:
1 ab circuit 6 reps
1 set of lunges 10 reps
25 crunches
Weight routine 2 sets each (8 reps each)
Set 2:
1 ab circuit 6 reps
1 set of lunges 10 reps
25 crunches
weight routine 2 sets each (8 reps each)
4 minutes at 2 MPH
13 minutes at 3 MPH
I added a weight routine in this week.
It gives me an alternative to the push ups.
It is made up of 6 different workouts, but I forgot how to do 1 of them.. oops? lol
So, this week I only got 5.
I plan to try doing this weight routine 1 time a week and see how it goes... if the pushups continue to be brutal to my shoulders, I may increase the weight routine to 2 a week if they don't kick my ass!
I'm using two 3 lb weights if anyone was curious, and I'm starting out with 2 sets for each total set.. and each set has 8 reps for each excersise normally totaling 48 reps in total per set.
So, for each total set, I'm doing 16 reps for each individual excersise wwith the weights.
Ouch! I think I tweeked a groin muscle today.. probably with the lunges, not sure how I could've done it on the treadmill.
Although, I didn't feel it till I was done with the treadmill, so it either exascerbated it or that is where I did it. Strange.
Also, I'm not even sure girls can tweek groin muscles, but that is where the general pain and tenderness is...
Its right there on the panty line... that is putting it nicely I think lol.
I will just keep an eye on it, take a anti inflammatory, and try to stretch it out a bit.
Also if I have time tomorrow, I'll try to fit in a hot bath, that is the best thing for sore and strained muscles in my opinion!
Maybe next week I will pick up some Icy Hot... that might be good too.

Guess that is it for today...
Hope I'm better to workout on Friday!

Amanda Ellen


  1. Ouch, that must hert.
    I'm curious, did you invent your rutine?

  2. I didn't invent the ab circuit, but the rest of it is kind of something I and a friend threw together. I wanted something that would work for me, not something that is supposed to be a 1 size fits all thing.
    Yeah, the muscle thing is uncomfortable, but its not unbearable... I think I'll be fine. :)


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