Sunday, August 15, 2010

My plans for Spring 2011

Ok, so here goes what I think could be possibilities for spring 2011
Plan A:
I take business law 2 from Hill like I planed. Then I take principles of marketing from Tarleton proper in Stephenville if its offered online along with Statistics. That would give me 9 hours. Leaving me a 3 hour time slot. If I could find something from Tarleton proper that would go towards my bachelors that could fill that slot online then this would work out really great. If I can’t then I try to find some useless bullshitt class to take at Hill to fill the 3 hour time slot.
Ok, so far its still looking good.
If this plan works then I can do dual enrollment, and graduate from Hill in the spring as planned. Then in the fall I can start to complete the degree from Tarleton the e-college and everything should fall into place from there, with the exception of finding tutors/readers when they are needed.
The only concern I have with the e-college is what are the accomadations going to be like for me, will they be able to do the same as Tarleton proper and get my books in electronic format. This is a must for me. I do well if you give me my books, give me my assignments, and if I need it someone to work with me on things my computer doesn’t read right or at all and leave me the hell alone. If I don’t want someone to work with me at home, I am sure I could find a way to Hill and am like 99.9% sure they wouldn’t mind letting me use a space there to work. I plan on leaving and becoming an Alumni in good graces. Ok, so this is still sounding good so far even though there are a lot of variables.

Now I move on to plan B:

Plan B is rather simple. I just take Business Law 2 from Hill with some other business classes that may or may not be helpful to me later on or if I can’t take business classes then I take bullshit meaningless classes just to fill the 9 hour void I would have. I then graduate from Hill once again in good graces, and start the online portion of my bachelors degree in the fall as planned. Since Tarleton e-college says the degree won’t be available till fall of 2011.

Here’s my big deal. If the Tarleton e-college doesn’t have ADA services I would be screwed, because I can find my own help, but I can’t get my books in electronic format on my own since I am not an employee at an institution. And since the publishers usually require you to buy the book before they will give you an electronic copy, can I just go get my books from the Tarleton proper book store or do I have to order them like the Tarleton e-college suggests you do. If I have to order them, will this be able to work with my book voucher that I get from DARS (my blind counselor)

These are things to ponder, but not the end of the world. I am going to finish this and will do something with my life, and not just sit on my butt and wish I could’ve done something to get me out or to make more money than the government is willing to give me to live on.

Ok, I feel better and will keep this for the future reference that will be spring semester, because I can’t say for definite anything right now since fall hasn’t even started yet. But Tarleton proper will have their spring schedule ready before Hill will. Oh, and one more thing, I just hope there won’t be any problems if I take classes from Tarleton proper with them transferring to the e-college.

Ok, I am done and thanks for reading.

Hope you enjoy,
Amanda Ellen

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