Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unsupportive People beware, Cause I have about had enough!

Ok, so since I've gotten Leah the supportiveness of Taylor's family has been slowly going down hill and for the most part I have been able to stomach it and move on. Well this week I have about had enough. They wanted us to go up to Oklahoma to a casino on Sunday with them. Well, no problem a friend of mine offered to take Leah for me the night before and I could pick her up the next day. The only stipulation was that I needed to be home to receive her by 6:30-7 pm. Which I didn't think would be a problem since we were pplanning on leaving at like 6:30 that morning. Oh, well that just can't do for Taylor's family. You know why? Because his stupid little brother's girlfriend has to go to the place where her dad died. Not where he is buried or anything like that, but where he had the fatal heartattack and died. I am sorry, I may sound a bit insensitive but that is just f*ckin morbid to me. That would be like me wanting to the place where my dad ran off the road and died in his car crash, just not something thats healthy in my perspective for anyone. I can understand visiting the grave site, thats ok, but the place where he died I just don't get it. So, because Taylor's little brother is the baby he and his girlfriend get whatever they want even if its an hour out of the way. So, because of this little detour we probably wouldn't be back till 8:30 or 9 that night. There is no way I will ask someone to wait for me till that late on a Sunday night knowing full well they have to work the next day and that they are a person who works at a college and the person who directs classes and stuff on the first day. Which by the way Monday would be the first day of school. So, I said as nicely as I am capable of at this point that would not do, and that Leah would have to go. Now here is where the story changes, because when they proposed this trip a couple of days ago, they said there wasn't enough room in a Tahoe for Leah to ride, but tonight the story is well we just had the Tahoe cleaned. So, now they just don't want her there. Well, I said then if Leah can't go because you don't want to get back till late then I guess I will just have to stay home, and then continued to say that I thought that it was shitty that I would have to stay home just because you don't want my dog in your vehicle. Then I get the response that well we will just have to figure something out. Leah is perfectly capable of going and eating there and going to the bathroom there, I can pick up after her. She has no problem with riding in 4 hour stints. There is no real reason other than Leah is a dog and she sheds that she can't go. I offered to be nice and leave her home trying to stomach their unsupportiveness once again, but when you won't work with me in return then I am sorry, thats when I stop being helpful. This really frustrates me and I am supposed to find out tomorrow on the subject and I have a feeling I just might end up blowing a gasket and pissing off alot of people and at this point I don't really care. I am just tired of being cast off because I choose to use a dog as my mobility aid and not a person, like Taylor does. Its really frustrating and just wanted to throw this out for you blogger people and see what you guys thought.

Thats all for now stay tuned for what happens next,
Amanda Ellen and Leah


  1. I think that it total bull shit - you have every right to bring your dog wherever you want. That is completely ridiculous to me and extremely unfair and not to mention rude. If I were you I would refuse to give them any other ultimatum. She is your dog, your tool, your mobility aid and there should never ever be any reason to leave her behind unless you decide staying behind would be better - never let anyone else decide whether or not it is ok to use your guide dog that you worked hard to get and you learned to work as a team with.

    I don't know what Taylor did or said in the midst of this but he needs to back you up and support whatever decision is best for you, not his parent's car. On that note his parents need to quit putting their car above your freaking guide dog. Offer them a dollar each time you go somewhere that way they can take their precious car to a car wash and get it vacuumed. Maybe that will help them realize how stupid they are being about the whole situation.

  2. Oh, Natalie thank you someone who understands. I had no problem leaving her if they could meet the guidelines, because we do need time apart ever once and while and my friend was going to take Leah to the park and stuff and have a grand ol time. Its just frustrating, and Taylor was telling me guilt trip them because its their decision to want to stay out that late so if they want to stay out that late then Leah has to go. I was really shocked usually with things like this he just stays out of it. I think I will do one better and offer them 2 dollars to go clean their stupid car whenever Leah has to ride in it. Just to look like the smart ass lol.

  3. I wouldn't count my opinion for too much because I have no idea how your relationship is with his parents but if you two are going to be together he needs to help you out. It can't just be you against them the whole time - he needs to get involved and if he doesn't know you should tell him lol. He needs to have your back no matter how little or big the issue is.

    I love the smartass approach - like I said maybe if you do that they will realize how stupid they are being.. I can understand if one of them was severely allergic or something but just because they don't want a little fur in their car doesn't give them the right to exclude her. If the rest of the world had the same attitude they have then guide dogs wouldn't be able to exist. Its pure selfishness on their part, its just a damn car.

  4. Hi Amanda. Just found your blog recently.

    I agree with everything Natalie has said.
    When I got my guide dog three years ago, my mum and some friends thought they had the right to tell me where and when I could bring my dog. My mum and I had lots of arguments about it and she isn't so bad now. I just find it strange that members of the public have no problem with him, but people closer to me can sometimes be a pain. I think its because people have seen me without a dog for so long that they don't always realise how much i need him, or how much more comfortable I am getting around when I have him with me.
    Its an interesting topic, and one I might write about sometime in the future.
    Good luck.

  5. Well, Natalie and Jen, Taylor's mom came over this morning to take Taylor to go get his hair cut and asked if I was going, and then asked if he was going. He said he didn't know if either of us was going. I will b e talking to his dad later on because he is much easier to talk to without shrieking and yelling at me and copping an attitude with me. The thing is no one said anything when I said I wanted to go get a dog, it only started a few months after we got home. I am willing to leave her sometimes to give Leah and I some time apart but when you can't give me a better reason than I don't want dog hair in the car as to why she can't go then I just can't let that pass. Casinos are loud and dark with bright lights and large crowds of people and Leah in that case is more my therapy dog than anything she helps to keep me calm. I just can't handle all of that on my own very well anymore since I went blind. My parents are very supportive well at least mom is and don't question me when I want to take her places. But my parents aren't the ones who take us to do just about everything. So, I can't really afford to burn that bridge. Like I said, I'll talk to Taylor's dad this evening to see what the deal is and will know more. I appreciate all the support here, sometimes people are just frustrating! grrr

  6. Well as you know, I was reading comments when you called so we already talked about this a little, but geez, it's ridiculous. I remember when Georgie at first didn't want Jayden in her car, so she said we'd have to take her husband's truck. I just said ok and didn't ask to go anywhere. Then eventually she realized she missed me and when she saw that Jayden wouldn't be on the seats, she said screw it and we went out yesterday. I don't get the dog hair thing. It's freakin dog hair. It's not like she'll be pooping in the car. Sheesh.

  7. lol pooping in the car - sorry I must be sleep deprived because that made me chuckle a bit more than it should have haha

  8. Lol, maybe if she shit in the car it would make me feel better for all the times they threw a fit about her going places lol!


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