Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fall 2010 plans and some other Ramblings.

Ok, so I wanted to start to take this thing in a new direction. I need to be a happier person and thanks to RO and introducing me to baseball I think I have started to be. So, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in what I was taking this fall. I am taking 13 hours this semester which at the moment doesn't seem like a whole lot, but I also haven't started the classes yet.
So, heres my schedule
11:00-11:50 Archery 1 Beginning Archery
1:00-1:50 Special Topics Literature Class "On the Hunt for Count Dracula"
Wednesday Repeat schedule
Repeat Schedule
Pretty interesting huh? Nah, I am taking Biology 1 for non majors online along with Business Law 1, Wellness Fitness 1, and Orientation
I am just taking orientation for a GPA booster because the new catalog requires it to graduate and the PE classes I am king for GPA boosters as well, but also because I could use the exercise. I had a friend talk me out of optin out of PE by turning in my letter saying I am disabled and unable to do PE because I can do PE blindness is my only problem. Lets see, and I am taking the Special topics Literature class because I really love the teacher and I love the topic. I don't really need anymore literature, I have fulfilled my sophmore literature requirements. Business LAw is a 300 or 400 level class at the college I want to transfer to, but transferring is not in the cards right now so I just figured I would go ahead and take it while I am here and I needed the hours. Biology will be the second half of my lab science requirements. I had another blind friend who took it with the same teacher I am taking it from and she says it is a piece of cake, which I think anything could be compared to Astronomy. *shudders* Still not sure how I managed to pull a B out of Astronomy, that class was a nightmare. I also have one person who is willing to help me with all my classes that I need help with if its needed, and my friend who works at the school is taking Archery with me and her daughter is too! I like them both alot and this ought to make this Archery class very interesting. Wellness and Fitness is just a walking/jogging cclass. I will walk on my treadmill and document how long I did it and at the end of the semester I will have to go to school and walk 5 laps around the campus. This is why I say I could use the excerise these are promising to offer what I need. The best motivation for me is getting a good grade and if I can get a grade for excersising then so be it! Right now my GPA thanks to Astronomy for not destroying it is 3.1 so I really want to get my GPA up to at least a 3.5 by the time I graduate so that I can graduate with honors just once :) I need a 3.5 to do that. I am really ready to go back to school, taking this summer off has really killed me, I am ready to go stir crazy sometimes, but baseball has helped out alot in that department. Not to mention that Pre Season football has started to so I really have lots to look forward to. The Rangers finish out a 3 game series against the Red Sox tonight, and start a 3 game series against the Rays tomorrow. And because of this 3 game series against the Rays I can't be friends with the person who got me into baseball and possibly saving my life, because she is a Rays fan. So it will be a long but interesting 3 days. I can't wait to see how it plays out. Pre season football has been ok so far, got a lot of injuries in the first pre season game that could really hurt our regular season play, but have faith that this year our kicker is actually worth a damn which really has me excited. Its been really hot here, they said today marks the 15th straight day of ttriple digit temps and no rain. I am really jealous of my mom in PA because she said today it may have been 70 degrees no humidity really and its raining. She said she had to put on long sleeves and pants and curl up with a blanket with only a fan on. Really makes me jealous right about now. I love fall when its not too hot but its also not freezing. I like that time of year. I don't like to freeze and I don't like to stand out side for 5 mins and be drenched in sweat either. But because its hot, Leah and I have not done a whole lot. She wants to g outside and play, but we can only do that at night when its some what cooler, its still hot but its tolerable. Taylor has been playing with her more than I have lately, because she just wants to love on her momma and eat her daddy up. Its a nice balance I think. But for the most part she seems content to lay in the floor and soak the A/C up and sleep. She realizes after we go out side for more than like 10 mins its hot and wants back in pretty quick. We start school on the 23rd so we will start back in the swing of things. uUsually I take Tuesday and Thursday classes, but felt like a change this semester and am going Monday,Wednesday, and Friday. Gives Leah and I more time out of the house. Because Our classes start at 11 and are over at 2 we can work with someone on Biology and whatever I need help with from 2 till 4:30. So its working out well because we can do that 3 days a week instead of 2. Instead of labs for biology though, mmmy teacher wants 2 five page papers. One is a bio topic that could be controversial and the other one is to be about an endangered species. Jess, my other blind friend, is taking classes from Tarleton this semester and got signed up for a Intro Business class against her better judgement and said she would do my papers if I could help do her business class... still thinking about that one, it might not be a bad trade off. I told her I would have to see the book and everything first. She after all did these same papers and made an A in the class.
Well, I think I have rambled enough for one posting. I said this posting would be school related and other Ramblings and I think I did just that.

See you all next time,
Amanda Ellen


  1. I have never heard anyone take Astronomy and like it. My best friend Georgie wante to kill herself after all the end of the world talk. Was yours like that? She hated it. Thought it would be all cool planets and stars. Not! Lol. Yay baseball. I cried the first season I got into it, when it ended. That was in 08 when the Rays went to the World Series. I don't think I cried last year. Might this year. Haha!

  2. No, no end of the world crap, but I did take it online. I thought my world was going to end though :) No, the class was called Stars and Galaxies, and it was very extreme math intensive, I had a hard time keeping someone to work with me on it. Then trying to remember how a supernova was made and what the stages of a star are, it was ver nerve racking and because of lack of tutoring it took me 2 semesters to complete it. I never again will take anything to do with astronomy. Never again!


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