Monday, August 16, 2010

A very blah posting.

Ok, so not guaranteeing the greatness of this post, because 1 its late and 2 I am really just worn smooth out. So today was cool, we got groceries like every monday it seems like here lately. But then after getting groceries, I got asked if I wanted to go get Leah some more dog food while we were out. I was very excited since I had said I needed to go but no plans had been made as to when we would. So, we got to Petsmart and I decided to see if my PetsMart had a vet clinic, and suprise they do. So, I asked if they could clip Leah's toe nails for me, and it turned out to be cheaper than my normal vet. Bonus! But it gets better, I went to get her dog food, which is a Purina Pro Plan sensitive skin and stomach formula, and I always buy the 33 lb bag since it lasts a couple of months. Well, score # 2 I got the last bag! Score # 3 for the day, it was about $10 cheaper this time then it was last time I bought it! I was really excited. But here's the fail on PetsMart part, they didn't have a real big selection of Nyla Bones, I was/still am looking for a really big chocolate nyla bone. I had one that was kinda small before well 2 of them really, but they both have seemed to gone missing. Leah really liked them and thats as close to dairy she can get without triggering an ear infection. Besides what girl doesn't like chocolate? lol. Well, the only Nyla Bones that Petsmart had was of course the regular ones, and this funky chicken flavored one that was mint flavored in the middle. I found that rather strange and passed on it. I was wanting to actually lay hands on some of these other Nyla Bones before I bought them to see if I thought Leah would like them. Well, then the guy proceeds to try and sell me a raw hide that is bbq flavored and I had to pass on that as well. I don't much like rawhides in the house, they make a mess. Well, then we looked at some other toys and found some squeaker toys that were shaped like a donut and a cupcake that were made of some tougher rubber. I held them down for Leah to check out, and Oh My Gosh, this dog actually turned her head away and totally dissed them. I never have seen Leah turn away a squeaker toy before, guess these weren't her kind of squeaker or something lol. So, we just decided to get what the mother in law needed for her yorkie brat and she showed me these treats that her pooch loves. Get this one, banna chips with chicken around the outside. Really, who comes up with these dog treats and toys. Rather strange combos if you ask me. So I decided against them since Chicken isn't really something we have definately ruled out as an allergie and they were 10 dollars for this bag. I figure I can spend 2 bucks at wal mart and get her banna chips which I know she likes and I know she isn't allergic to. Well, on the way home Taylor's mom actually bought us lunch! Score #4 for the day, it was awesome. Oh, I forgot to tell you about Leah after she got her nails clipped. She was extremely stimulated after they brought her back out of the room they clipped her nails in. I almost couldn't get her harness back on. She was all waggy and sniffy, and very excited and wanted to love all over me. I had to ask what all did you do to my dog back there. The lady was like nothing just clipped her nails, she was very good and stood still the whole time. I guess Leah just really doesn't like going off with strangers and then those strangers messing with her feet. I mean, she really doesn't like her feet messed with by people she knows and is comfortable around. But Leah got her pedicure and is now ready for the big first day of School on Monday. Oh, speaking of school, I think I will die. We are running on the 17th day of triple digit temps and high humidity and My archery class is outside, for an hour at 11 in the morning which is really like the hottest time of the day if not close to it. I think I'll have to bring a change of clothes to compensate for all the sweat from just being outside. Its really the humidity that kills, and makes you sweat buckets from just standing there. Hopefully it won't last long or I may just lose some weight from just being outside. Lord knows when they will get my accomodations for that class, so I prob won't be shooting a bow for a few weeks. Well, I am looking forward to it though, I could stand the weight loss. Oh, and the Rangers are setting me up for dissapointment, because we started a 3 game stint against the Tampa Bay Rays tonight and we lost after we couldn't properly play our defense. So Tampa Bay came back and beat us 6-4 after we took the lead from them when they lead us 2-0 early in the game. So, because of this three game stint, I am not friends with RO, a very good online friend of mine till its over because she is a Tampa Bay Rays fan. So, we can be friendly as long as the game isn't on. But even then we try to keep it clean ;) Well, like I said I can't vouch for the content of this post because the more I write the more tired I get and the more I realize that maybe I shouldn't have had to glasses of Tea today, I feel a caffinne migraine coming on. I think its time to call it quits.

Until next time,
Amanda Ellen and Leah "Mommy's Little Princess"


  1. lol I know you were unsure of the greatness but just know I laughed through most of it haha. Good luck at school and let us know how they accommodate that archery class - have fun!

  2. Well, it was late and I was really tired, but after reading it wasn't too bad. No more random than if I was to have been fully awake. Glad I could make you laugh. What are some good toys that Bob and Egypt like? I am trying to get a few ideas, since I should have some money next month and would like to buy Leah a new toy, the same old nyla bone seems to be kinda boring.

  3. You know, I always get the most comments on my random posts that I think are totally stupid lol. Ok, friendliness over. ;)

  4. Yeah, but it seems like my whole life is pretty random, lol. I never can keep one straight train of thought..


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