Friday, August 20, 2010

An update on my previous post!

YAY! so I am happy to report, that Leah will be going with me on our little Sunday outing! Thanks to Taylor I didn't really even have to blow a gasket and never really had to be shitty! I love him sometimes :) So, in all seriousness, Leah and I have never had an outing quite like this before, with a long car ride there and then actually having to do something once the car ride is over. Usually when she has long car rides she and I are going to my parents and we get home and the harness comes off and its relax time. I am not sure how I'm going to do on this either, I don't normally do long car rides well when it comes to having energy when its over. Riding 4 hours to my mom's with lots of stops along the way usually wears me out. So, 2.5 hours to a casino and spending god only knows how long in this casino will be interesting, to say the least! I am wondering how I will do Leah's breakfast that morning. Thinking if I get up 2 hours before we have to leave and feed her immediately then that should give her ample oppourtunity and time to do her business. Not wanting to make this any worse by asking to stop on the way there because Leah has to go. I am sure we will have to stop though, because I am sure I'll have to go to the bathroom with having a bladder the size of a walnut and always drinking alot of fluids. But I think I'll keep her dinner the same, just hoping she will be willing to poop in public like that. I have come to know over time that Leah is a very private pooper. She doesn't really like anyone watching if she can help it and she prefers grass to concrete any day. So, I have a feeling this place won't have a lot of grass and probably won't have a real secluded place for Leah to go to the bathroom. So this will make dinner time interesting. I also think I'll make some take me and her out every 2 or 3 hours just to make sure she doesn't need a potty break because I really don't want any accidents. Not with these people around I don't. Give me any of my family or my friends and it wouldn't be so bad, but with Taylor's family this would be mortifying. The only thing they asked of me was if I could brush her extra good the night before to help knock off any extra dog hair to keep the dog hair to a minimum in the car. Which ok whatever, I still won and my dog is getting to go. The friend who was going to keep Leah for me was a little sad that I was taking Leah with me since she had a whole play day planned for Leah and her pup, but she understood why this was important to me and said we could make a play day one day when I could attend to or next time I needed a dog sitter. So that was really nice. Oh, and I don't really keep poop bags on me since Leah has never pooped on campus in the 3 years we've been going to school and thats usually the place we are at the longest where its mandatory that I pick up after her, so can I just take wal mart bags to pick up poop if I can coax her to go? I have a backyard and kinda shove the poop off into a corner and pick up the pile like once a week, and Taylor's parents have a yard that Leah goes in which Taylor's mom does the same as me, and my mom has a yard that she doesn't really pick up, but never seems to over flow since I am sure that since they aren't there alot the strays probably take care of what poop does accumulate. So, Sunday will be interesting, but I feel great, because my baby will be going! I won the battle, just not sure about the war just yet! I am just so happy! I'll call tomorrow to see what they want to put in the floor of the car for her to lay on, if I need to bring something. If I do then I guess I'll be nice and wash Leah's favorite blanket and take it. Its really cute my mom bought it for her. Its pink camo and has John Deere on it. Mom thought it was fitting of Leah, she said she was a pink country girl lol. So, I am really ready and kinda nervous now. I'm not sure when I'll update on Sundays adventures since I do have school I'll either try to do it before bed Sunday or maybe monday evening. Just depends on how wore out I am. Oh, how I can't wait for school to start to give my life some normalcy again! It will be so nice and I already have notes for my biology class so its a good start. Lots of stuff to remember though. Like "Does King PeterCome Over For Great Sex" Thats from my teacher! It is a little thing to help you remember Domain, Kingdom, Phylum,Class, Order, Family, Geneus (not sure how to spell that one), and Species! So, yeah I think I'll need lots of those little sayings to help me remember all this stuff! I hope to have my first quiz done early since its not due till the second monday of class but hoping by maybe wednesday I'll have it done!
Well, one more thing and then I'll finish for the night, The Rangers won tonight 2-0 over Baltimore and I enjoyed talking to you ladies and somewhat to you gentelman too today and can't wait to do it again!

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!!!

Amanda Ellen and Leah "My Princess"


  1. Good Job! Thats so exciting :)

    Maybe one thing since you are worried about the dinner thing. I don't know what time ya'll are planning on getting back home but you could always feed her there, we have waited to feed the dogs late before and they never seem to mind too much. Or you could just give it to her all at once in the morning but I don't know if that would mess up her poop schedule you know.

    Anyways - what did Taylor say to make them submit to your every wish?

  2. I think I'll take food and if time permits then I'll feed while we are out, and if not I think she may be able to wait...and Taylor just told them they were stupid to tell me I couldn't take my dog since she is my choice of mobility tool. He said just because he chooses to hold on to someone doesn't mean thats what I am comfortable with especially since we would have like a blind chain thing going on and its really not comfortable for me since I am usually the one who gets run into stuff. So, they were all like fine then if she really needs to bring her, so I was all like Thanks babe for standing up for me. He was all like well I'll stand up for you if I hear it other wise I don't want to run the risk of putting my foot in my mouth. I was very happy, maybe this will make a break through!

  3. Good job haha! Thats awesome!

  4. Nice!! I don't know how her poop schedule is, but Jayden goes right after I feed him in the morning and then not usually until much later that day or even the next morning. All the walking at the mall is what stimulated the accident though. So maybe try and get her active before leaving? I don't know. Though they aren't supposed to romp and be rowdy right after eating. I think taking her out about every two hours is a good idea and yeah, have grocery bags on you with easy access just in case. Have fun!


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