Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 15 of workouts and I love my legs! :)

I'm in love with myself because I finally memorized the ab circuit!
This makes me happy, and it gives a much more satisfactory burn when there is no break between ab circuit exercises!
Feel the burn! lol
Here's what I did today/tonight with a little commentary :)

Set 1:
1 ab circuit 6 reps
20 girl push ups
1 set of lunges 10 reps
6 regular push ups
25 crunches

Set 2:
1 ab circuit 6 reps
20 girl push ups
1 set of lunges 10 reps
6 regular push ups
25 crunches

4 minutes at 2 MPH
13 minutes at 3 MPH

Wow, waited late for this one, but I needed a make up for yesterday.
The return of the monster headaches put a damper on yesterday's workout.
I am however being proactive and trying to find the root cause of my headaches.
Today I got Allegra (an antihistimine) and some Mucinex D (a decongestant) in hopes that these headaches are somehow allergy/sinus related.
Man, I love the feeling that this workout seems to get the slightest bit easier every time I do it.
I did however, find out that my regular push ups are the cause of my frequent lower back stiffness.
Guess this just means to be careful with those, and make sure I stretch my lower back out really good when I'm done for the day.
And 1 last little thing I noticed today, when sitting on the floor with legs straight out in front, my calfs look freakin sexy. They are rock hard!
I haven't had calfs like this since Jr. High! lol
This post is really rather short as there isn't any thing else to update on, except for that I most likely will push the treadmill time up tomorrow to 14 minutes.
I'm getting ever closer to my 1st goal of 20 minutes over all on the treadmill!
Then my next goal is 20 minutes at 3 MPH alone. :)
Well, guess that is it for tonight, we'll have to see what tomorrow brings us :)
I'll see you all tomorrow :)

Amanda Ellen

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