Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 17 of workouts, a life lesson learned, and the surprise revealed

Just a tip for anyone who cares, *do not get completely shit faced the night before a workout, it will not end well in the next days workout* lol
Yeah, learned my lesson the hardway... but I managed to muster through it.
And now on to the workout for today:
Set 1:
1 ab circuit 6 reps
20 girl push ups
1 set of lunges 10 reps
6 regular push ups
25 crunches

Set 2:
1 ab circuit 6 reps
20 girl push ups
1 set of lunges 10 reps
6 regular push ups
25 crunches

4 minutes at 2 MPH
14 minutes at 3 MPH
Betcha thought that I forgot that today was reveal the surprise day didn't ya?
Nope, I didn't, I'm just stringing you along :)
But yeah, today's workout was extremely difficult for me,
and I can only come up with 2 reasons, 1 was because I got shit faced last night,
or 2 is because I did a little more cardio yesterday to compensate for the ice cream I had for supper last night :)
Before you go assuming that I did extra cardio on the treadmill, I'm going to say that you are wrong! hahaha
I did my extra cardio on my surprise that I got yesterday! Best part is the surprise was free :)
Well, guess I've strung you along long enough..
and the surprise is...
a new to me excersise bike!!
Taylor's grandparents bought it a few years ago at a garage sale and they weren't using it, so it's "on loan" to me...:)
I think they were happy to find someone who would use it and give it a good home.. and I'm happy to do both of those!
So, of course with every new toy, you've got to try it out.. so I did it!
I managed to do 10 minutes at a brisk pace yesterday.
Riding the bike really works a whole new set of muscles I haven't used before!
But to settle my off day antsyness, I'm going to ride my bike on Tuesday's and Thursday's...
I'm hoping to be able to move past 10 minutes once my muscles learn the routine with the bike!
I'm so excited, this is something I really wanted!
I even made myself a bicycle playlist to randomly shuffle through so I have good music while I ride!
Well, I guess that is it for today!

See you on Monday,
Amanda Ellen

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