Thursday, September 2, 2010

A big bunch of nothingness

Well, not much I really feel I need to get out there, but I am so bored that I thought I would give you guys a nothingness post. :) So, yeah lets see. School has been going good. I am successfully filling my role as an average college student. Making mostly "B"s on my quizzes and stuff. Archery, now thats going well. I have a goal to destroy this stupid door bell by the end of the semester. Oh, the door bell you ask? The door bell is the ghetto accomadations the school provided to me for Archery. I can't really use it by myself because for one I am not by myself, and for 2 the door bell reverberates in sound so its really hard to tell exactly where the sound originates from. So, the teach told me he would give me an "A" for the semester if I could destroy it by the end of the semester by shooting it. Come close Wednesday got 3 inches to the left of it. So close! I can't go to the ADA counselor because she is out all week, so I'll tell her next week it won't work and continue on my path of destruction. :) It def makes Archery that much more fun. Business Law, I need to email that teacher because the court cases she refers to in our notes don't match to what she is saying in the book. So yeah, thats a bit frustrating. Yesterday was a real bad day for meI got a migraine right as I was getting to school, I should've stayed home I felt it coming before I left but I thought I could tough it out and really didn't want to miss school. Well, yeah I should've stayed home, once the migraine was gone, I was like a walking zombie. I really had pretty much no spoons. I was in a fog or a haze and couldn't do much of anything. This sidewalk I take regulary and have done so for the last 3 years looked like it split in 3 different directions yesterday. My vision whats left was all screwed up. I couldn't even help my friend with some college algebra my brain was so fryed. I felt useless yesterday. Is it bad if I don't like to write in my blog while Taylor is in the room lol? I feel like I am writing in my diary and he is invading my privacy lol. But yeah he is not paying attention right now he is playing with a new app on his IPhone. I am half way listening to the Cowboys game on the TV. Just paying enough attention to see when someone scores. I am really ready for bed, I shouldn't be I slept for 11 hours last night, but I am just really bored, border line feeling depressed. Not sure why I am, I have no real reason to feel this way. I am really busting my butt in school because I want to take a week off the first week in October so I can go see my parents. Its been since May since I seen them last and they will be in Texas then. After this I won't see them again till New Year's. I am ahead in Biology right now, but I just need to have my tutor finish my notes for the last chapter and a half I need for the first major text. Business Law, well yeah...not sure there. Archery I don't think will be a problem or Wellness and Fitness. My oreintation class still isn't moving because the prof can't get blackboard to like what she is posting for us to download. Thank God that tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow I think I'll work on my Biology paper in tutoring. Its a research paper over Giant Pandas, it should be fun if I can ever get my energy to return. Well, the Cowboys are winning 16-10 and I think its still 3rd quarter, or it maybe 4th not real sure. I heard about the new nanos coming out yesterday. Not sure if I like it or not. But I still think I want one. I like the old ones with the video camera, but I think I like the fact that the new ones will be running IOS. Well the Cowboys lost their lead here in the 4th its now 17-16. Yeah, not long now before I will be going to bed. Wonder if I am getting sick, my whole body is starting to hurt. Ah, who knows I'll worry about it when that gets here if it gets here.
Well, I guess thats all I will bored with you tonight.
Hope you had fun with my whole lot of nothingness!

AAmanda Ellen and Leah


  1. Everyone I know who just started school is feeling a bit depressed and off. Hope it's just the school blues. :)

    I didn't know there was a new Nano. Oh dear, I better check it out, though I can't afford one.

  2. Oh, then I don't feel bad. This is my first semester ever to take classes 3 days a week and I think my body needs to adjust. Yeah, Apple made the announcement about the new nano's Wednesday. Its on for pre-order now. I don't think I much like them but then I do. These are really small, touch screen, and run the IOS like the IPod touches and IPhones.


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