Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a busy day!

Ok, so today was sort of busy! I had to go exchange a book at the college bookstore(I will go into that in a minute), then go to the bank, then off to walmart to get Taylor's valentines present, Which I hope he likes, then we went to Walgreens to try and find conversation hearts...You know those hearts I am sure you all ate when you were younger..the ones that had sayings on them and were really chalky. Well no such luck in finding them. All they have now a days are Sweethearts which are kind of the same but they taste like a sweet tart. Well, those just won't do Taylor doesn't like them lol. So then after that off to the vet to get Leah's ears checked again after the ear infection she had about a week and a half ago...Well we found out the ear infection was back! Yeah, so my vet wants to run a full allergy test that costs about $350 and I can't afford it. So I asked him to contact GDB and see if he could convince them to pay for it so we could her on the proper medicine to get rid of these ear infections once and for all. So he put more medicine in her ears and gave her another shot. Then told us to come back in two more weeks to check them again. Hopefully he will have contacted GDB by then. So thats alwayss nice to hear that my best girl isn't feeling good because of this crud in her ears. Then back home to visit with Taylor's grandparents for a bit. Then I tried to catch a nap but that didn't happen because then my grandmother called to tell me that she received the package of movies I had bought her for her birthday and to tell me how much she loved them! I felt really good knowing I found something she actually liked. She is really hard to shop for lol. Then I called mom to tell her about Leah's ear infections and how the vet wants to run the testing. He also told me that depending on how the test comes back we may have to progress to allergy shots! I really hope we don't have to go that route. Leah hates shots and giving her one every other day will really break my heart! But any who, then I decided to cook supper! We had hamburger helper the 4 cheese lasagna kind. I made it a bit different tonight because I used deer meat in stead of regular hamburger meat. Its ok, but we have lots of leftovers. Ok, so on to my bookstore story.
Ok, so we thought that something was kind of fishy when at the start of the semester I only needed one book for two of my classes. Well, we just figured that it was because it had the same instructor and the two classes were kind of related. Well, come to find out today one month into the semester that I had the wrong book! I had to buy the book to get an e-book that I could read on my own, but now I have the wrong e-book too! So I exchanged my wrong book for one of my ones I needed because my tutor/friend had the other one. So now I get to wait 2 more weeks to get two more e-books that I can read. Can anyone say homework pile up? lol...Its going to be a nightmare! Oh, well I just will do what I can in the mean time and not let my other classes get behind and possibly try to get ahead since I can't do anything with the two classes I currently have no books for. Its just been an eventful day. I am supposed to start tutoring tomorrow to finish my astronomy. I know I was supposed to start Tuesday, but my tutor canceled on me. So, I get to try and make it tomorrow. Then getting to spend time with my friend Jess and her hubby Jason and their darling little boy Trenton. He is a handfull..I might talk Jason in taking me back to walmart so I can get Trenton something for Valentines day..He's only almost 2 but kids love that kind of stuff. So I think I might get him that Longhorns sippy cup his momma has been wanting to get him and some candy. Kids love candy right? lol Oh, well...time to bring this busy day to a close and get ready for another one tomorrow! So here's goes nothing. I am going to bed!

Amanda Ellen & Leah my poor sick, pooped baby girl.

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