Monday, February 1, 2010

I know, I know..I missed you guys yesterday!

Ok,I know I didn't post yesterday and I am sort of sorry for that. But yesterday was awesome! Taylor decided to have an "us" day where we spent all day together and did nothing really. We watched movies andwatched the Pro Bowl and ate Frito Pie. He feel asleep towards the end of the game so I had to give him a nudge to get to bed around 11. Then for that little stinker to wake me up at 4 this morning! I was soo not happy. I didn't get back to sleep until like 7:30-8 this morning just to get up around 10:45...Oh well. I went to the doc today and had a mole removed off my back that he said looked infected..not sure how that happened but whatever. He also gave me some medicine to take to help me stay asleep instead of waking up every 20-30 mins every night. Going to give them a try to night and he told me to give them a bit and if they don't work...then I can move to "the Big Boy stuff" that just made me laugh soo hard. He says he doesn't want to jump straight to a habit forming drug just yet since I am only 22. I also told him how my mom has the same issue and he said it could be hereditary. I was like cool thanks mom for another problem. lol...So, I start tutoring/reading tomorrow with my new tutor/reader for the astronomy class I didn't finish last semester! Yay! NOT! I hate this class sooo bad...but really if I can just buckle down and finish it I can have that time to concentrate on other things going on with my school work. By The Way I should probably be doing homework now...but I am really just too tired *yawn* So I guess I will end it here maybe read some more on Supervision and get ready for bed.

Have a nice night!
Amanda Ellen

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