Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Texas Rangers set new World record!

So, last night the Texas Rangers handed out sunglasses at the gates to fans for the purpose of setting a new Guinness World record. What record what that might be you ask? The most amount of people in one place wearing sunglasses after dark. Crazy right? I thought so, but hey its different! Hahahaha We aren't as creative as the Rays with their dress coded road trips, so we had to do something! Most of the 33,533 people there were wearing their red or blue sunglasses. Since they only needed 424 to beat the record, Guinness only counted 2 sections. The shades were donated by Reliant energy, nice of them :) What I find amusing is former President George W Bush and Club President Nolan Ryan were spotted sporting their shades when the scoreboard and Announcer said the project was starting at the end of the 6th inning. Here is a link with a story about on MlB Also, today is the everyday second baseman's 29th birthday Ian Kinsler! I hope we get a win for him tonight! Back to the world record, we set this record during the Silver Boot series. Not sure how many of you know about this that aren't Rangers fans, but its the interleauge series between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. They have been doing this since 2001, and the Rangers have won it the last 4 years in a row. I think its pretty much in the bag this year since we've won the first 2 games in the series, but this is my first year getting to see it, so I'm not familar with the rules. Either way, I am willing to bet you, the Rangers walk with another Silver Boot this year. I love when Texas teams play against each othr, especially when its against Houston. I hate any team that comes out Houston, always have and always will. No real reason other than I just hate Houston lol. Last year when the Cowboys played the Texans, I was on the edge of my seat and still say it could've ranked in my top 5 games last yeasar. Granted, I don't think the Cowboys won, but I just love interstate games!
Well, this was just a posting to help remove the writers block I've had on the Vegas postings, so enjoy :)

Amanda Ellen


  1. Uhh, pretty sure Dallas did win that game. It was there first win of the season I'm pretty sure...

  2. Well, I wasn't sure..but now that you say that I think they did win that one...


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