Friday, March 25, 2011

Very Happy! and Rockin out!

I'm a very happy girl today..I don't think I could've thought to ask for a better day. The only bad thing to happen today was my alarm clock's batteries dieing right before I needed to get up! Thank goodness for being paranoid about over sleeping or I just might have! Today I finished that pesky Freshman Orientation class I had left over from last semester. That now leaves me with just Business Law left from last semester and of course the remaining classes I have this semester. Getting really excited for graduation! Not sure if I am more excited about graduating or just getting to see my parents, that definately has to be a toss up. But everything today was great! It all went much better than a normal day at school usually goes! Can I just say I love the Genius feature in iTunes? I told it to make me a play list from "Walk This Way" from Aerosmith and so far its been a pretty awesome playlist! Ok, back on track! I am having a really big fear that I don't think I've ever had before and not sure why I'm having it now. I really really really want to get my hair colored and trimmed. Well its much cheaper to do this by going to Cosmetology at the school and letting them do it. Problem? Problem is that I'm scared to death to let them touch my hair...and I have no frickin clue what color I want to color it! I know I don't want just highlights...but past that no clue! In case you wanted to know I have really dark almost black hair..with a slight hidden red tint. Yep, so its about to be summer and I want something different. It also has been almost a year since the last time my hair had anything done to it. Well that is if you don't count the haircut the surgeon gave me back in October, which I'm still trying to grow back to a normal length. I started my application for the new school today, now all thats left is to bite the bullet and shell the 30 or so bucks to turn it in. It could take a while for them to accept me! I'm really nervous about next semester since its all going to be from home no going to school...I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to go a bit stir crazy! Ah, but that should just motivate me to find a route out around the house Leah and I can walk together, one where I feel comfortable that we aren't going to be kidnapped or run over! I really wanted to blog and started and realized I don't have much to talk about hehehehe.
I'm really excited for Vegas, I really hope its awesome! Oh, there is a big lottery tonight...payments were 312 Million and Cash was 200 million..wonder if I won? If I did I will go insane and waste all that money by being locked up in a looney bin! Speaking of Looney bins, I'm really ready to finish watching "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" I have heard its not described. That makes me sad..but I'm going to read the book so maybe that will fill in some missing spots. We are watching in my 1960s class right now, realized I forgot to say that :) Elizabeth Taylor died this week, that was sad...I just watched Cleopatra not long before she passed on, and its long, not historically correct, but its not a bad movie. I give it 2 thumbs up. I probably would've enjoyed it more if I wasn't tired when I got about half way through the movie! Speaking of Vegas, here ya go:
Viva Las Vegas Baby
Watched Pretty Woman tonight, as always when she leaves and he doesn't go after her immediately I cry like a baby..I'm such a sap...I even cry when she says good bye to Kit...but I love the movie and it has to be my favorite of all time!
Pretty Woman walking down the street...
Love Julia Roberts here is where she goes shopping!
Stores aren't nice to people, they are nice to credit cards

What's your dream?
And one more for good measure:
The Pretty Woman Movie Trailer
Yep, thats my Pretty Woman kick...catch me later and I may be posting clips of the Wedding Singer! lol...
Well I'm tired and its getting late so enjoy and happy reading!

Amanda Ellen and Leah

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