Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What people are using to find me?

I've seen RO and VomitComet (Karen and Steve) do this, so I thought I would give it a shot.
I don't have much, but hey they look promising.
being blind
Wow, is there someone wanting to know what its like to be blind or do they know someone who is blind and wanting to sympathize? Being blind isn't that bad :) It can help you make some real cool friends :)

is gary allan dating anyone
Not sure, but if he isn't then send him my way...He can stand in line behind Josh Hamilton...Ah, God has truly blessed this world with those 2 handsome men :)

student killed in crash stephenville
OMG! I didn't hear about this one, but thats not far from here. I hope the family is ok for the situation.

was a real bad day for

Was a real bad for who? I've had bad days, but we all get through them. Want to hear about some bad days go to Karen and Steve's blog...those people are having bad days :)

Well I guess thats it...Wanted to do this to kill some time while I bake buttermilk pies :)

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