Saturday, October 23, 2010

Giants vs Rangers!!

So, its offcial, the Giants will be playing the Rangers starting wednesday for the world series title!! I have to say I really hope Texas keeps up what they've been doing and kicks some Giants butt! I am so excited, and I held off on this post to see who we would be playing. I am also relieved that its not the Phillies. Seems like the big names won't be making the talk of the town this year! First time for the Rangers to the world series ever since they've been a ball club! I'm so excited and think its a good time to be a Texan! I was also glad that Josh Hamilton got the AL MVP, his speech was very touching and I've loved him since the first time I heard him play. He just goes out there and gives the game everything he has and then some. He is just an awesome player and glad he got the award. So, sorry if I ahave an Californians reading or any Giants fans here, but I hope Texas kicks the Giants butt all over the place and we come with the World Series under our belt!!

Go Rangers and I can't wait for Wednesday..Cliff Lee will be starting things out right!


Thats all,
Amanda Ellen

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